Askaris and Custodian360 Unite in New Partnership

08 August 2022


08th August 2022


[Surrey, UK]: Askaris Ltd and Custodian360 announce a new partnership dedicated to fighting global cybercrime and protecting their global client base from large scale data breaches.

Cyber security protection and detection technology is always advancing, but this also means that the technology and techniques used by cyber criminals is also expanding and becoming more advanced. Threat actors are adding to their threat arsenal and capacity for increased cyber-criminal activity, daily. This is one of the main reasons why Askaris and Custodian360 are working in partnership, to combine threat detection and response resources that will further protect vulnerable customers.

Askaris’ Head of Technical Pre Sales, Jay Kay explained that "Working with custodian360 and their suite of products allows Askaris to grow into a unique managed services partner. Having worked with Nikki and Andy for many years prior, I am looking forward to partnering with them again to bring us into a new age, giving us the ability to add further services to become a truly end-to-end MSP".

Adding new solutions to their already comprehensive solution stack, Askaris believe adding Custodian360’s robust and effective endpoint protection and security awareness training will help lower the risk of attacks facing their global customer base.

Askaris, who have been around for over three decades are the perfect partner to be delivering a collaborative solution capable of protecting customers from malicious attacks. Lead by a team of expert cyber security professionals, Askaris will utilise Custodian360’s platform to further enhance their security capabilities.

Custodian360’s Global Channel Manager, Nikki Webb, also commented saying “I have worked with Jay Kay for some years now and I’m looking forward to working with him once again, alongside the global team at Askaris. We believe that resilient organisations require both effective and flexible cyber security solutions that meet each organisations individual needs. We hope to help Askaris’ customers reduce the business impact of cyber threats and enable them to keep their environment’s safe and secure. With this strategic partnership, Askaris can continue to maximise their customer’s security investments with our shared experience and ground-breaking technologies.”

As remote and home working becomes more prevalent, and new strains of ransomware attacks increase by the day, effective and managed security at the endpoint is needed now more than ever to reduce the risk of further data breaches. 

Together, both Askaris and Custodian360 plan to accelerate the ability to detect and respond to the increasing volume of endpoint threats, which is critical for any organisation with users working remotely.


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The Power To Protect

Askaris Cyber Security is one of the fastest growing MSP in the U.K. & EMEA delivering cutting-edge and next-generation cybersecurity services to global customers. For over three decades, Askaris has protected more than 200+ global organisations and millions of consumers in more than 150 countries from the most advanced global cyber threats.

Born in 1999, scaling in 2022. Our goal is the same as it was back then, to protect our customers and their assets. Protecting customers from dangerous cyber-attacks is the reason why the Askaris brand has become synonymous with the tagline, The Power To Protect.

Recognised as one of EMEA’s leading cyber security teams for Check Point technology, Askaris’ cyber security experts provide truly disruptive services that protect customers from the cyber threats of today, from AI-powered machine learning cyber threat hunting, to deploying and managing the world’s fastest firewalls.

Our skills and expertise are as great as our portfolio of cyber services, which are both unique and turnkey in our industry. Askaris are proud of the advanced services that we provide which are tailored to secure our clients’ needs. We are a trusted solutions provider which help, understand, and secure our clients against modern-day and real-world attacks such as ransomware, malware, zero-day exploits, phishing, and nation-state cyber attacks.

Our customers love us and stay with us because we are a highly experienced team, but we never get tired of hearing it.

Custodian 360

Custodian360 was built on the observation that most business antivirus solutions are overly complicated or simply require too much manual intervention to be effective. We have over 15 years’ experience in providing real time threat detection and virus protection solutions for businesses and have decided to take the stress away from our clients and help them achieve what was previously not possible.

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