Name: Richard Upshall

Company Role: Executive Chairman

What do you do at Askaris: Guide and direct, fund and support, advise and mentor and provide contrary views and opinions as to the many facets of running a Cyber security and software development company

How long have you worked at Askaris: Since it was re founded in 2008

What’s your background: I’m an entrepreneur at heart, so I started my first ‘real’ business in Dubai in 1996 which has gone on to have hundreds of staff around the world, and it’s in the upstream oilfield services sector, so a challenging time. I have a large network globally and have had business ranging from tourism and sheep farming in Australia through Apparel and Steel fabrication in the UK, an independent record label working with Europe and USA based artists to Learn to Swim and netball leagues in Dubai, not to forget even a Sports Physiotherapy clinic too. So, pretty diverse you might say.

What do you like about working at Askaris: It’s great to work with a youthful innovative team, in a great working environment, so very different from the oilfield sector at the moment. The clients are great as well, providing support and paying bills on time is such a refreshing change from the adversarial environments in other sectors.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working: That’s what I do, work.  I do enjoy socializing, eating and drinking too much, watching TV and going to the movies, and having time to myself, often appreciating the aspects of where I am, which through the winter is often on The Palm in Dubai as walking (fast) is where I think and innovate!