Sean Allison, Managing Director of Askaris

Meet Sean Allison, Managing Director of Askaris #meettheteam

Name:  Sean Allison

Company Role:  Managing Director

What do you do at Askaris:  I am responsible for all aspects of the growth of the business including technology direction and management of our major accounts and vendor relationships.

How long have you worked at Askaris:  I founded Askaris in 1999, so 20 and a half years so far!

What’s your background:  Originally started work in IT back in 1984 working for Systime in Leeds on their mainframe computers.  Traditionally I have always been on the technical side and this is the reason Askaris are so technically strong today.

What do you like about working at Askaris:  I get to live the dream of determining the direction of the company and watching its successes.  The investment put into the business by our chairman allows us to drive the business in whatever way we see fit.  To date we seem to be doing OK!

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working:  I have two guilty out-of-work pleasures – the first in vintage computers.  I have rescued several DEC computer systems from the late 1970s and early 1980s which were the mainframe type I originally worked on in 1984.  I have a stable full of PDP 11/93s and three DEC VAX 4000s plus VT320 terminals – these are from an era long before colour screens were available and certainly many years before the PC became commercially available.  My second guilty pleasure is I play bass in a couple of rock bands.  A man can never have too many basses…